About Us

Welcome to Hometecture!

We believe in a minimalistic, purposeful decor, where instead of filling our living space with many things that we don't often use and have little value to us, we choose to craft the ambience and style of our home with the overarching idea of quality, uniqueness, and value over quantity.

We like to infuse a touch of art and luxury, yet in a deeply thoughtful and meaningful way, into the way we choose to create the environments we live in because we believe our environment is one of the most important influences on our daily life.

Achieving what our goals starts with the environment we find ourselves in, and we like to create one around ourselves that is conducive to creativity and a calm, yet clear and alert mindset.

Let's create our ideal environment and therefore, our ideal selves, together.

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+1 716 391 2386 


600 BROADWAY STE 200 4721

ALBANY, NY 12207